The Devil and His Wife (just drabbling)


The children sat under the tree, watching the rain pour from the sunny skies. “So weird,” said Edina as she saw the sunlit landscape be marred by the precipitation. “My great grandma said that when it rains like this, it meant that the devil was beating his wife.”


Lucius brow rose curiously, “I didn’t know the devil had a wife.”


“Me either. Bet that’s why it’s so strange.”   The two continued to sit in silence as they watched their playtime wash away.  


“Come on, Eddie. We’ve got better things to do.” Lucius got up and started on the path that led to his manor.   Edina shrugged her shoulders, wiped the dirt off her skirt, and followed. 


They snuck through the back entrance then ran up the stairs to the west wing of the large house.   They ducked into one of the many large bedrooms that were still cloaked in sheets. “Let’s play here,” said Lucius as he grabbed a cloth to pull over his head. The two laughed as they run around in the large room. Luicus tripped her down then bellowed out a ghoulish sound that sent Edina into a fit of giggles.


“Isn’t someone going to hear us?”


“I doubt it,” Lucius said. “Barely anyone comes to this side of the house.”  


They started a round of hide-and-go-seek with Lucius starting first.   As he counted, Edina made her way into a large armoire and kept hidden inside the space. Once he finished, she watched in silence as he went through the place. She tried to stifle her giggling as he moved closer to her spot. When Lucius was about to expose her, some muffled noises rose from the door.


“Get in!” Edina grabbed Lucius into the closet with her. They knew she wasn’t allowed inside the manor and that Lucius would get into deep trouble if he were caught with her. Despite the servants always obeying Lucius’ demands, they all still answer to the head of the house. 


And lo and behold, he entered - but not alone. “Sir, please,” the lady begged between her lip … and his. 


They stumbled awkwardly through, still gripping each other in a passionate embrace as they made their way inside the room.   His greedy hands groped every inch of the woman’s body, trying to tear off the clothing from her small feminine frame


“All I’ve ever wanted to do is please you. Yet you run from me every chance you get,” Abraxas Malfoy held the woman tightly in his arms as his lips continued its pursuit around her body.


“Sir, your wife, she’s been too kind to me. I would dishonor her by-!” Again, his lips found a way to silence her protests.   Edina and Lucius looked on as Abraxas continued to persuade the young maid with his amorous desires. The man was relentless, peeling away her garments as if she were a piece of ripe fruit. His arms tighten around her waist as he lifted her slightly, edging their bodies closer to the bed in the room.   


“I’ve never stopped think about you in the months you were away. Never stopped searching for you. It was only by fate that I found you-!”


“Sir, please, I’ve never meant to come back here! I –!” Her protests became weak and feeble as more of her clothes left from her body.


“But you have! You’ve come back to me, like I knew you would.” The last of her dress came away and she was completely exposed to him. He laid her back on the bed as he pressed his frame firmly against her flesh. She seemed to have melted into the sheets as he lowered more kisses onto her. Every kiss on every spot of her body caused her skin to redden with the passing of his lips.   He moved about her with such fervor that there wasn’t a part of her body that was untouched.  


From the upper lip of her mouth to the glistening lips between her thighs, Abraxas Malfoy strode to make a lasting impression on the girl so that no other lover could live up to. His tongue’s rough gesture around her clit caused the young woman to buck under the pressure. Her body arched back tightly, making her nipples look like stiff red peaks that quacked under his torment. 


“Sir, p-p-please,” but her moans soon escaped her as Abraxas suckled hard on her stiff red peaks, passing between both as he took turns with one then the other. “Oh, Sir.”


“The hell he’s doing?” Edina whispered to Lucius as she stared between the cracked doors.   Lucius reply was a cold expression. His eyes were narrow as he intently watched his father’s exploits in silence. All the laughter he had within him, before their playtime, was no longer there. He seemed very distant even though he was standing right next to her.


Abraxas began to let loose some of his own clothing, lowering his trousers to his knees. Then in one swift motion, the man’s hips jutted forward causing both lovers to groan in unison. The woman’s legs could barley stay still as he drove deep and hard into her core.   The pungent smell of their lovemaking filled the room, causing Edina’s noise to crinkle from its scent. Their sounds grew louder as they continued to thrash about the bed.   Edina thought she would go deaf with all the yelling they were doing. But just before she couldn’t stand it any more, a new sound entered into the room.  




Edina looked over to Lucius to see if he saw something new. From his wide-eyed expression, she knew there was something in the room that had caused the ruckus to stop. The young woman’s face turned from pure pleasure to sheer horror as she kicked from underneath Abraxas. He turned around to confront the situation, only to be greeted by the seething glare of his wife.


Like her son, the woman said nothing – yet her expression revealed every hint of anger a scorned woman could ever manifest. She walked in, still reaming silent, and stood next to the bed where her husband and lover laid.  


“Ma’am, I’m so s-!” the girl tried to say but Lucius’ mother silenced her with the raise of her palm. The servant girl just sat quietly, her naked frame quivering in mute terror.


“How dare you.” The words rolled out effortlessly in a steady tone. She didn’t scream it out loud like she was entitled to. She didn’t stammer like most overly emotional women would after catching their husbands in the throes of passion with someone they had called friend.   The words came out more like a fire being stoked to flame from a small piece of ember. She was clear in her statement - her anger evident in her words. She didn’t raise her voice and her temper remained capped.


“How dare I?” he asked accusingly, as if the question was a slap to his face. Abraxas straighten himself as he rose out of bed, standing half naked in front of his wife. “How dare I, woman? Is this not my house you’re standing in? My clothes that has kept you warm and my food that has you full?”


Edina felt her heart pinch at his questions. It often did that when she was having an argument with her own father.   Arguments that she may have been right in, but her father would always turn the tables on her, making it a war of words that she would not win because he would always be right in the end. Since her father was the adult and the head of her household he would always be right through out her childhood.  


So to hear Abraxas justifying himself in this same manner sounded like a battle that wasn’t going to be won because he was morally wrong. One would think that to be caught with your pants down with someone other than your wife is as wrong as a man can get…but not to him. 


He would win because he was Abraxas Malfoy - head of his family and Lord of Malfoy Manor. It is by this default that he would always win and would always be blameless for his obvious faults.


At least, so it seemed.


“And by who’s gold do you have these things to bless us with my dear husband?” Her cunning was met with his bitterness.  


Edina’s breath caught within her as she watched the showdown ensue. She looked over to Lucius, wondering what he was thinking, but she saw him still looking on in silence. Surely hell was about to break loose at any moment. The tension was so classically thick that a butcher would have a field day. But before its fury could make itself known, the servant girl made another bid at redemption by throwing herself at the woman’s feet. 


“My lady, please forgive me! Please! I did not mean to come here and darken your doorway again. I meant to stay away, like you had said. But, but-.” The rest of her words were muttled by her uncontrollable sobbing. 


Abraxas continued with his loathsome glaring at wife. He didn’t bother with his lover that was at his spouse’s feet, futilely carrying on with her confession. He didn’t look as though he would follow with his own admission of guilt. His ears seemed to perk a little as he listened to the young maid’s words. It may have intrigued him to know that it was his wife who was behind her sudden absence. But Edina couldn’t tell from the man’s expression if that upset him more or not. 


He just kept his vengeful scowl solely on his wife.


“I wanted to come back and thank you for all that you’ve done, and-.”


“Thank me?” Lucius’ mother finally turned her attention to the naked figure at her feet. “Thank…me…you say?” The young maid seemed to quake more as she looked up to face her. “Thank me,” the woman said again with an air of disbelief.


“Yes, ma’am,” said the young maid, sounding very careful with her words as she tried to show some form of gratitude despite the trouble she’d brought.


“For all that I have done and was going to do, you came here to say thanks? Even when I told you it was not necessary? Even when I specifically warned you to stay away?” The woman stepped back to look at the cavorting couple. Her eyes seemed to fill with a mixture of hurt and disgust as she took in the sight of her friend and husband standing next to each other; both blushing in different hues of emotions for different reasons. Both were still in a state of undress. One was looking to her with a combination of anxiety and woe while the other continued to look on with rage.


“And you came…to thank me?” Edina thought she heard her voice crack. But the look of strength bolstered by fury seemed to be holding the woman steady.


“Ma’am, please,” the young maid pleaded as she scurried back to her feet. Yet before she could reach her, before her trembling fingers could grasp at the hem of her dress, Lucius’ mother raised her hand once more. But this time her palm looked different; something Edina hadn’t noticed before.


“Until you learn to do right by me, Liza, do not worry me with your apologies.”


There was something in the words that weighed heavy in Edina’s mind. Her statement wasn’t so much as a threat as it was a warning, yet there was something deep and ominous lingering within the language that it made her tone stand out. There was something about her hand, as his mother spoke, that gave a deeper meaning.




Edina couldn’t put her finger on it.   But she could tell that the girl got the woman’s meaning. The young maid screamed out, crying as she fled from the room. She didn’t even take the time to put on her clothes. She left those behind as she left everyone’s sight. The sounds of her cries could still be heard in the hallways and eventually in the courtyard as this girl left the manor, never to be seen again.


“I don’t know why you still persist with this insanity,” Abraxas said in an exasperated tone as he went to adjust his attire.


“Insanity? This is our marriage!”


He scoffed at her remark as he buttoned his trousers, “This is an arrangement. A marriage is something that common people have. Our union was a deal made between our families.”


“Merlin’s beard,” again the faltering in her voice appeared but Edina could still see she was holding strong, “you would think that after all this time - after I gave you a son, after my family paid for your debts and this house - that you would look at me as more then just some pact being made!”  


Finally, Edina thought as she heard the woman yell. She was hoping that she would give him the good tongue lashing that he so well deserved. She saw little of that around her house (someone standing up for them selves) that it was refreshing to see a strong woman do it someone so worthy. 


“For pity sakes, Abraxas, I am your wife! Do you have no love or any respect for me at all in that heartless chest of yours?”


Abraxas was looking in the mirror as she asked him this. His mind seemed more focus on his appearance then the state of his situation. He didn’t look as though he’d heard her. He didn’t even bother to glance in her general direction as she carried on with her interrogation.  


After fixing himself to be more presentable, Abraxas turned to her and said, “Yes, I do have respect. You come from a great family with a long and legendary lineage. So I do have the utmost respect.” He walked up to her and gently cusped her cheek, “But love, my dear wife, was never part of this bargain.” Abraxas tried to kiss her, dutifully, but she pulled herself away from his sham. 


She turned from him so that her strong facade can finally fall. 


He just grinned and spun on his heels to leave, never looking as though he would take her ill gesture to heart. “Make sure you wear that nice dress I bought you. I want you perfect for the party.” 


And with those curt words, he was gone.


The two children remained still in the closet, watching the woman break slowly. Edina felt her own tears fall as she watched the beautiful woman silently tremble in place. She looked over to Lucius again to see his reaction, but saw nothing. No anger, or sadness, just him looking towards his mother.  


Maybe Abarax’s deed had cut him so deeply that it left him void of feeling? Or maybe he was so shocked that he didn’t know what to say or do?    In any case, Edina let a few more tears fall to make up for his.


“You two can come out now.” Edina and Lucius looked at each other in surprise.   How could she have known? “Come on. It’s alright.”


Edina fully expected for their bottoms to be beaten blue. But as they stepped out, they saw her smiling at them.   Edina rushed to the woman side and wrapped her arms around her waist. His mother accepted it gratefully along with her son’s embrace.


“How did you know we were in there, Mum?” Lucius asked.


“I heard the servants say something, so I thought I would check. You know how your father is. No offense, Edina.” 


The warmth in her voice smoothed over Edina’s nerves. “None taken,” the little girl said as she continued to hug her tightly. “Why’s he so mean like that?”


Lucius’ mother laughed, “Dear, if I had a answer for every question we would be richer then we are now.” She looked down at the children, her soft hands gently raising their little chins so she can look at them fully. “Best that you leave the adult stuff to us. No matter how we as parents may fuss and fight, those are none of your concerns.” She squeezed them hard before releasing. “You’re just children. It’s hard for me to explain what's going on or what just happened now cause it’s hard for me to understand it at times.   But it’s nothing to worry about.”  


She wiped their little eyes and smiled. It was the prettiest smile Edina had ever seen.   It made her look angelic and had you feeling as though everything would be all right despite how the world screamed otherwise.


“I suspect you two ought to worry about how much time you have left for play, seeing as though you’ve wasted most of it in here.” She told them.


“But it was raining, Mum.” Edina agreed with her friend. Both of their heads were bobbling as they concurred with each other. 


Lucius mother just laughed. “Was it?” She went to one of the closed blinds and pulled back the curtain.   “I don’t see anything.” The children ran to see. And sure enough, as they looked outside, it appeared like a normal sunny day.


“Weird,” Edina whispered to Lucius, who mumbled something in agreement.   


“OK. Sneak out how you came. You two needn’t be caught. And, Lucius,” she turned her son around to polish off a bit off grime that was on his cheek, “try not to get so dirty. Remember the party this evening. Don’t be stuck in the mud for too long.”


“Yes, Mum.” Lucius smiled just like his mother. However, Edina didn’t quite find it as angelic as hers. The girl smirked a little as she caught Lucius’attention. He rolled his eyes as if she knew what she was getting at. 


His mother looked between the two of them and just shook her head. “OK, you two. Please keep the high jinx to a minimum this evening.” She walked into the hall first then beckoned the children to follow.  The servants were still in the kitchen making preparations for the gala. 


Abraxas was elsewhere.


She motioned for them to move quickly, keeping a look out as they swept towards the exit. The children went through the same back entranced they’d had came in. A few moments later, they were back on the path to their old haunts.


“So what do you wanna do?” Edina asked.


“Dunno, Eddie.” Edina looked over to see Lucius looking glum in the face.   She grabbed hold of his arm and could sense the anger brewing in him.


“Hey, remember what you mom said. It’s adult stuff and we’re just kids.” He muttered something under his breath while continuing to kick at the dirt in their way. Edina just shrugged her shoulders and kept walking with him in silence.  


As they continued to shuffle their way to their spot, Edina finally had enough of the quite time. She let Lucius pass her just a bit so that she could sneak up and jump on his back. She could tell that he didn’t expect her to be so playful so soon. The both of them went tumbling in a muddy spot by the tree. 


“Bullocks.” Lucius looked at his soiled self. His pants were dirty before, but now it looked worse. Edina smiled gleefully as she presented him with a mud patty.


“Well, you know how dirt help makes things grow. So if you’re going to act grown up, you might as well get started.” She smashed the mud in his face, to which he retaliated with some mud of his own. Soon they were both wrestling about till both of them were thick with earth.   They looked at each other with grubby smiles. It wasn’t a cure all, but the fun helped ease the tension of the day. 


She knew Lucius would never forget his father’s indiscretion.   She knew it because she couldn’t, and she was just as stubborn as he was. So despite his mother’s advice, that moment would stay with them always. But Edina also knew that it would affect Lucius more since he had to deal with his father on a daily basis. She couldn’t imagine how he would face him after what he’d seen. 


But then again, as she thought of his cold silence while watching everything unfold, Edina began to wonder how much Lucius has been seeing around the manor.


The sun had started to fade. 


Lucius and Edina made their way back to his home. They laughed this time during their journey and set up another day to play again soon.   It seems liked it was going to take a lot of play dates to clear their minds of what they saw. But she was glad to do it. Edina always had fun with Lucius.


As the manor came into view, Edina could see his mother watching for them in the back garden.   She looked radiant in the teal green ball gown his father had bought her. Her blond locks were pinned up tightly in a bun, allowing her long graceful neck to display some fine family jewelry. Her smile stood out brighter then all the candles that were lit, even brighter then all the trinkets that adorn her frame.


“Hmm. So much for keeping out of the dirt,” she said with a smirk that reminded her of Lucius’. 


That must be where he gets if from, Edina thought.


Lucius hung his head low as he walked passed his mother - not because he was ashamed for being so muddy, but more so because he was concealing the smile on his face. His mother tried to look stern, but even Edina could see that she had trouble holding back her own laughter.


“Bye Eddie,” he whispered to his friend before entering the house.


“Bye Lucy,” she yelled softly as she watched him go in from a distance. His mother looked over to Edina and smiled broadly at the dirty little girl who had leaves sticking from her afro-puffs.   She shook her head slightly, but waved to her to send her on her way.


As Edina was about to head off, she heard something that grabbed her attention. Abraxas appeared with some older gentlemen and a gaudy looking woman who had too much of everything, looking the exact opposite of Lucius’ mother’s elegance.   


Edina watched as Abraxas made the introductions and did some light chit chat amongst the small group.   Edina was amazed that Lucius’s mother could look so calm and collected when, just hours before, she had just exposed her philandering husband in bed with another woman. She wondered how the woman could still smile in his face after he so thoroughly broke her heart.


Edina watched for a few minutes longer to see the juggling act end. The couple and Abraxas left the gardens, leaving Lucius’ mother behind. But before he left her sight, he made sure to leave a kiss behind so that everyone could clearly see his “love” for his wife. 


And this time the wife dutifully accepted her husband’s kiss. 


Edina thought she was seeing things. The two of them together did look like the picture perfect couple. They matched flawlessly, looking regal and very handsome together in their party outfits. They seemed like one those couples that were to live “happily ever after” in those fairy tales Edina had read. 


But with that dark memory still on the edge of Edina’s mind, to see the woman so accepting to that man was very surreal to the little girl. 


Yet within moments, after the grand display of affection was over, Edina could tell that she was only doing a wife’s duty by going along with Abraxas’ charade. Once he and the guests were out of view, she wiped his kiss from her lips and began to feed the swans in the garden.


So that’s what happens when the devil beats his wife


Edina finally understood the meaning behind the strange phenomenon.


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Writer's Block: Significant Change

I think in my 20's (when I didn't know any better) I found myself compromising for the sake of the relationships I was in.   I found myself conceding to my partner at the time, just to make him happy... which did make me happy at first. 

But then I began to realize that I wasn't being fulfilled or reciprocated in the same way that I was doing for him.   So I end up changing, but changing into someone who wouldn't bend over backwards so easily just to please.

Well, my relationship with my ex didn't work out, although we still are best friends today.    But I'm at ease with myself cause I know what I want and will not accept any bullshit for it.

WTF?: Shoplifting aunt uses infant as a weapon....

I'm sure this sounds crazy so here's the news link if you think I'm lying.

What has this world come to when we’re throwing babies to get away from a crime scene? 

Sure, times are hard and the economy is at a low.  Gas is starting to rise again, which leads to more shoplifting. 

But a 2 month old?   


And for what exactly? I work at Wal-Mart myself and I know there ain't much shit in there that could be considered that valuable that one would have to steal it,  run,  and then use a baby as a means for evading arrest.

I use to work at that store...  I think I stopped in there yesterday to get a gift card for gas.

**sighs/shakes head**

What kills me when I read this was that the baby's Mom was in the bathroom when this all went down.  

Folks, to me, if you got relatives who are a bit klepto and who don’t know how to control their sticky fingers, then don't leave your kids around them in a store.   They could be influenced to do that mess, or in this case (but now quite like this), be used in a shoplifting scheme. 


The report stated that the baby fell  onto the floor when the carrier (that she threw) hit the ground.  Thankfully, though, the infant wasn’t seriously harmed and is doing fine.


Mercy… that’s just scary.  Can you imagine seeing a baby being thrown out then rolling on the ground in Wal-Mart? 


If that woman has a soul, then she won’t be able to show her face around her folks again.

"The Talk" Update...dun dun duuuunnnn

Now that my workload has settled down, since I came back from vacation, I can now feel free and slack off a little. 

Note to anyone who is thinking about taking some time off from work:  If you handle a lot of stuff and you don't have a good back up to work your mess while you're gone, then don't go.  You'll have so much shit to deal with when you get back.


So that Tuesday night, March 17th, at approximately 10:17pm central time, I sat my child down for a talk.  It went exactly how I predicted it should be.

I turned off the TV in the living room and called Myla in, "We need to have the talk."

"What talk?" she asked me in that haughty spoiled tone of hers that will eventually get her ass beat in.

"THE TALK," I said in my Godly like tone so that she knows to listen like a good child and sit her ass down.

So she plunks down on the couch and looks at me with some curiosity as I took deep breaths.  "Myla, what do you know about sex?"   And I wanted to ask this question to her first.  

Lets face it folks, kids are fast in this day and age.  Ain't no telling what those little heathens are telling her while I'm not there.   The fact that her butt got poked by some little boy's finger in the middle of music class, just goes to show that these young kids are being influenced by something.   So I wanted to ask her about it first so that I can expel any non-sense out of her head - separate fact from fiction.

After she gave me her wide-eyed stare that was magnified 10 fold by her designer glasses and after she giggled for a moment, Myla told me sex was about kissing.  From that, I could tell that her little mind hasn't been poisoned yet.  But I conceded to her that sex isn't all about kissing.  Kissing can lead to sex but kissing isn't technically sex.

I did get a little technical with her in letting know about the male and female body parts.  Partially the man's since she understand her body well.  And I briefly broached the subject on how the penis and vagina fit together, to which she said "Eww. Nasty."   

I was pleased with that reaction.

But we then hit on the harder subject - molestation, rape, and such.   I just wanted to get across to her that no one has any business touching her body in any of her private areas - kids or adults / family or friends.   Unless that person is a doctor performing a medical procedure that I would have to be there to witness, then she needs to tell me.

And that's what I drove home to her, JUST TELL ME.  If something is wrong or you're unsure if it was wrong, JUST TELL ME so that I can deal with it they way I need to.... like with a bullet.

I'm kidding...sorta...

But I made sure she understood that some people out there who like to do kids harm.  That  why I always stress to her to not go into stranger houses; it could lead to trouble.

And I told her that if there is a situation that she don't feel safe in or if somebody is trying to get her to do something that she feel will do her harm, then get out of it.; runaway if she must.  But don't just sit around where she could possibly get hurt.

I stressed the point of her telling me everything, well nearly everything.   I told her how I got hurt by a man that she knows , her 2nd cousin's father.  I would say he's my Uncle, but I haven't called the man that since I came to terms with what he did.  And it just brings home the point on how it's nobody's business to touch any private area on the body.

I told her that the only time I would ever look or feel around her body is if there was something physically wrong, but if there isn't then it's not even my business to touch either.  And people who do that (family, friends, or otherwise) will need to go to jail..... that's if I don't shoot them first.

Again I'm kidding.... sorta...

After this conversation, I opened it to whatever questions she might had, hoping to God that she's won't ask me anything too graphic that I would have to get into detail about.   But I promised myself that I would answer as much as I could cause I don't want to be that mother that my child thinks that she can't ask me anything.

Immediately her eyes screwed to the back of her head, as if she were searching for the hardest question she could ever ask me.  And I have to admit, she had me nervous for those few moments. 

But then it finally came.

"Mommy, why do you watch those videos?"

"What videos?"

"You know.  Those ones with the people on the cover eating the booty and stuff."


Christ, she's referring to my porn!


OK, before you get any wild ideas about me,  let me explain:

  •  Yes, I had porn.   I say "had" because I can't find it now.   I use to have a small collection, and the one that she's referring to, I had to give it to my friend as soon as Myla saw it.   I told Myla it was hers and that the girl left it over at our house on accident. But now I hid the stuff so well that I can't even find it.  I'm not even sure if I still have it anymore since I moved to my new apartment.

  • Myla has, in her 9 years of life, caught me watching porn once.   And that's only because I have to wait and watch the movie 2 hours after she goes to bed so that I know she's fast asleep.   But from time to time, she gets up in the middle of the night.  And being that I was watching porn so late, I happened to fall asleep in the middle of it.    I mean, if porn had a plotline then it would be a movie.   But being that it's porn, it's just a series of  monotonous shots of T&A  with some junk in between.  Like sex, it can get boring after 15 minutes and one falls off.

But back to her question:

After taking a few more breaths, I did answer her.    I actually surprised myself with my answer.

"Myla, when you get old enough, then you'll understand why I watch it sometimes."

And that was that.   I asked her if she had any other questions, to which she quickly said no.  But I told her we would have more talks on this so that she can be a little more aware.  Since her body is developing so much, she's going to start and notice things about her that may seem strange.  But more importantly, other people as well as the little boys that hang around her from time to time will start to notice these things too.

The conversation took about an hour to have.  When we were done, she rushed off to her room to play on her Wii.

I popped open a Miller Light Chill and contemplated our next  "Talks".

Denzel Washington : The Great works of a Good Man.

My friend sent this to me in an email, so I'm sharing this with everyone per her instructions.  But it's still a good read.

Denzel  Washington at
Brooks Army Medical Center 

Don't  know whether you  heard about this but Denzel Washington 
and  his family visited
the troops at  Brook Army Medical Center,
in San  Antonio, Texas.

This is where soldiers who have been evacuated from Germany come to be hospitalized in the United States  -  especially burn  victims.
There are some buildings there called Fisher Houses. 

The Fisher House is a hotel where soldiers' families can stay, for little or no charge, while their soldier is staying in the Hospital.

BAMC has quite a few of these houses on base, but as you can imagine, they are almost filled most of the time.


While Denzel Washington was visiting  BAMC, they gave him a tour of one of the Fisher Houses. He asked how much one of them would cost to build. 

And at that momment, he took out his checkbook and wrote for the full  amount  right on the spot.

The soldiers overseas were amazed to hear this story and want to get the word out to the American public, because it warmed their hearts to hear it.  


Now here's a question.  Why do :

Brad  Pitt, 


Tom  Cruise, 

and other Hollywood fluff  make  front page news with their ridiculous antics and Denzel Washington's  Patriotism doesn't even make page 3 in the Metro section of any newspaper except the Local newspaper in San Antonio?

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